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How to shop online in 2023 to find the best deals and discounts

Where to search for discount codes and the latest discount and offers?

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Where to buy sex toys?

You are in good hands here. We shop regularly sex toys and other adult products, so check our partner Sex Shops for some retailers we have a positive experience with. We prefer to shop online due to cheaper prices and way better number of products, than found in the local shop. Also online shopping is private and discreet at your own terms, so you can avoid a chance to meet your mother in law or a neighbour at your local sex shop. Disadvantage when you shop online is usually you can not touch the product, feel the material and see if you really like it. So if you are a first time buyer, start a low key, search for products without price tag to find what you like and then gradually invest in premium brands. Give yourself enough time to read reviews about the product and read specs. Eventually visit a local store. If you are an experienced buyer, you do not need our help in choosing your product, you know what you want. However trying new products and new stores is always a good idea.

What to look for when buying sex toys?

Always check if its “Body Safe”

Cheaper Chinese products usually do not comply with strict health regulations in Western countries and may not be safe to your body. Always check if your chosen sex toy is Body Safe and using only body safe materials including nonporous silicone, glass and wood. There are as many dangerous sex toys as those which comply with Body Safe label so always read specs to make sure you buy a quality product. Some quality products do not need a big price tag and are reasonable priced these days.

Do your research

Buying a sex toy is very personal, even if you buy a present for you partner, take your time. Do not rush anything, because many sex toys cannot be returned or exchanged after they are opened unless they are faulty. The range now days is just fantastic, and each year new innovations are introduced for your 100% satisfaction. From small bullet vibrators for beginners, classic dildos to realistic vibrators, smart long distance sex toys, suction clit vibrators to G-spot toys. Try to think what you really like and what makes you excited and go by this route if you are a beginner, however if you feel like exploring, there is a whole new world out there.

Size and shape matters

It does not need to be a monster 12” dildo at the shape of a penis. Size and shape is important and sometime smaller is better. Especially if you buy for your partner, it is better to talk to them first to make sure they will enjoy it. Did you know that vibrators and dildos can be found in all sort of shapes? If you feel like, go for some unusual design piece, even if it does not have a shape of penis, with anatomy in mind, some of these premium products can offer more comfort as you would expect.

Specs, specs, specs. Always check all specs, materials, type of batteries, charging types, if it is waterproof or resistant, bath safe etc…


Unlikely in the past, when sex toys where considered as a premium very expensive products. Now is the future and a new sex revolution ahead. You can buy high quality products for a very reasonable pricing, only thing you need is just a little research. There is a whole new world to discover and it is better to collect sex toys for pleasure than Pokemon cards. It is recommended to set yourself a reasonable budget and always compare prices on more online shops.

Always get and use quality lube

Whether you are new to sex toys or an experienced, lube is fantastic. It becomes considerably smoother and more pleasurable since the friction is reduced. Water-based lubrication is the best option because it won’t harm sex toys’ materials and some are even edible which is worry free when performing oral.

It was formerly accepted that silicone lubrication destroy silicone toys. But in our experience, silicone lube works just fine so long as your toy is made entirely of silicone and not a blend of materials (which is pretty common among cheaper sex toys).

Conclusion, always buy a spare lube with a major shopping spree and check what type of lube is suitable for what type of sex toy. Do not be shy to use lube, even you are dripping wet. Sex toys can cause small frictions on your tissue and good lubrication can prevent that.

Cleaning routine

Always clean your toys with warm water after, and we recommend to get a special cleaning essentials based on the material of your toy for a better bacteria protection. Never use any toy which is not clean.

What should I avoid when shopping online?

The biggest mistake even a regular online shoppers do is shopping in rush not paying attention to details. There is a large number of fake products, cheap replicas or not verified retailers usually operating from China. “Buying cheap means buying twice”.

We always recommend to check if the website looks legit, search for reviews on Trustpilot or similar reviews platforms and see what other people have experienced. Verified shops should also have a Google profile with reviews. Always check retailers Terms & Conditions and look for official address of the shop and telephone numbers on Contact Us pages. If these are missing do not buy anything from them, as they most likely have non existing customer service and you can lose money easily. Even only online retailers should have a valid address in the country of origin.

Never buy second hand sex toys due to health risk on second hand platforms and never send money to anyone directly or using Western Union or similar services, that is a no no. If possible use credit card or services like PayPal, where you can easily open a dispute or claim money back if anything goes wrong. In worst case scenarios there are protection services such as Visa Chargeback or Mastercard chargeback which can be opened even months after if the products are not delivered. Also check delivery times and shipping conditions. Adult industry should offer discreet shipping.

Do not fall into sophisticated traps like waiting in the queue to get to the checkout. Do not save the credit card details on any website or browser and make sure website is at least protected by valid SSL certificate.

Shopping internationally

If you are buying internationally, make sure to check import VAT & duty rules for your country to avoid surprises such as hefty additional cost to shipping. Some retailers may offer these included at the checkout and they will do a little extra paperwork for you so you don’t even notice. Otherwise you may pay something extra on delivery. IE. trading within European Union is exempt of import VAT & duty, that means if the shop is from any EU country and your delivery address in the in EU you do not pay anything extra. Do not forget UK is out of the EU now. Some countries may have a threshold when you do not need to pay import VAT such as US and Canada so buying from Europe is easy and stress free. Please check rules on your GOV website for more details.

Our partners usually either ship products globally or they have a national branches in US, UK and one of the EU countries. Advantage of shopping internationally is buying unique adult product range or adult brand which may not be available in your country, or competitive pricing can make your wish list sex toy cheaper than buying locally.


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