Calendar Of Shopping Events 2023

Do you belong to the majority who is shopping always last minute, trying to find the best present for your loved one? According to the shopping behaviour research, the majority of consumers are last-minute shoppers and nearly 80% of consumers have left their shopping until the last minute.

To make it easier to our visitors, check our calendar of major shopping events in 2023 and brace yourselves in advance. The best deals and prices are usually months before the main event or shortly after, and apart of saving some extra money, you can save yourself time and valuable energy to get all the presents in advance.

Also we recommend to read our Adult Buyers Guide for some valuable tips and tricks how to save extra money on your adult shopping list


January Sale

Usually the Christmas or New Year’s sale continues throughout the January where retailers are trying to get rid of the stock. Some retailers can offer up to 70% off the price tag. Perfect for those saving shoppers. We recommend to look out for St.Valentine’s sex toys presents in advance.



Tuesday, February 14. This is a major event for all couples and lovers. And if you are single, great opportunity to take an advantage and give a present to your friend whom is your platonic love. Probably the majority of human kind celebrate this day with sex. It should be in the Guinness World Record book. Perfect opportunity to have some new sex toys ready to try, fetish outfits for cheeky role plays or a new erotic lingerie to set the mood or BDSM sets to surprise your partner. Or play some erotic board games with your loved one and if you are open minded couple, invite someone for a foreplay game night or swingers event.


International Women’s Day

Wednesday, March 8. Don’t you dare to forget this day. Always have a surprise for your female partner. And women, this is your day. Empower and celebrate in style. Cliche presents such as flowers, cinema tickets, dinner night out yes. But you can always spice it up. Prepare a role play for your partner, erotic massage or a cheeky visit to naked spa. For those who love games, buy some remote controlled sex toys and give your partner a full control. If you are a single flower, ideal time to try new things under your terms. Let celebrate the Women’s day in style, let’s support them and let them enjoy with some good long lasting orgasm.

International Transgender Day of Visibility

Friday, March 31. Dedicated celebrations for all transgender people. Let’s raise the awareness around the world. All trans and non-binary people are same and equal as anyone else. Let’s celebrate all together with self-awareness and wellbeing.


April Fool’s Day

Monday, April 1. Small one day event. Don’t take your life too serious. Take an opportunity and make a fun of anyone and everyone. Funny sex toys or sex games are perfect for this day. Let this day be about vaginas and penises everywhere.


Sunday, April 9. We don’t need to introduce Easter week any closer. Mainly Christian celebration of resurrection of Jesus but Pagan celebrations make a bit more sense. Celebration of spring and fertility. When nature wakes up and animal world prepares for the mating season. Let’s have a lot of love, lot of sex and orgasms. Let’s celebrate the nature and let’s try new sex toys, new sex positions and new things.

Mid Season / Mid Term Sale

One of the major sales events in early months of the year. Look out for a major sales and price drops. Perfect time to shop online for a more expensive sex toys, adult gadgets and luxury lingerie and underwear. Also perfect time to buy some presents for your loved ones in advance.


Mother’s Day

Check your calendar, for some bizarre reason Mother’s day is celebrated throughout the May on 2 different days in different countries. But more important, it is time to celebrate the motherhood. Let’s celebrate the whole month and don’t forget to surprise your mom and your partner if you have kids already.

Masturbation Month

May, month of selflove and masturbation brings a lot of deals, sales and special discounts on sex toys and essentials throughout the adult online world. Let’s enjoy this month together with some great offers.


LGBTQI Pride Month

Whoop whoop, the most important time of the year for the LGBTQI+ community around the world. Let’s bring the rainbow and joy amongst everyone. Let’s party and let’s have a sex all month. Let’s support the community even if you belong to the more conservative party. Perfect time to look out for some amazing online deals and sales. Watch out for sexy costumes discounts, all rainbow themed products, sex toys price drops on your favourite retailers and get ready for Pride celebrations later on in July & August.

Father’s Day

Sunday, June 18. Another less celebrated day comparing to women’s equivalent. But not any less important. Remind your partner or lover the importance of this day with a good quality sex. With kids around it is always hard to find spare time for each other. Let this day be about sex and orgasms, penis massage and his favourite sex position.

Summer Sale

Usually happens over the June. Major shopping event in Summer months. Look out for amazing deals, crazy offers and sales. Perfect time for shopping erotic luxury underwear, luxury swimwear and quality sex gadgets, adult sex toys. Check your favourite retailers and online sex shops.


Fourth of July

Tuesday, July 4 Independence Day. On of the major events in US usually with massive sales and offers online. The biggest price drops and discounts happens on this day, be ready to use your credit card and shop for some quality sex toys and luxury underwear. Check your newsletter prior the event for your favourite retailers secret coupons and discount codes. Perfect opportunity also for international shoppers to take an advantage and buy some US products you usually don’t get anywhere else in the world.


Couple’s Day

Friday, August 18. Don’t forget to celebrate and enjoy with your partner. Some online retailers have a short sales events on this day. It is always worth to check newsletter for discount codes and deals.


No major global events or sales in September. But many retailers silently drop prices or comes with short sales or special offers. We recommend to take an opportunity of getting back to work and school, and if you are the lucky one, get some last minute holiday deal. Travel to some sunny destination, let’s have a sex on the beach, in the ocean, in the pool, on the balcony, in the morning, afternoon and night.



Tuesday, October 31. The best time of the year for sexy costumes and role plays even for adults and wild parties. Wake up your inner child and dress up. You can enjoy crazy costumes publicly, and celebrate with your partner or lover, this is the best opportunity for some really crazy role plays. Those more open minded and experienced, time to get into those luxury sexy outfits and head to some good swingers dress up party.

Coming Out Day

Wednesday, October 11. National coming out day is very important for the LGBTQI+ awareness in our society. Everyone should be equal no matter orientation, gender or race. Let’s be respectful and let’s support all your friends, family members and everyone who found enough courage to come out and finally live the life they always wanted.


Single’s Day

Saturday, November 11. One of the major shopping events in Asian countries, which becomes more and more popular in Western world. It is considered as the biggest shopping day of the year. It comes from 11.11 four single ones as anti Valentine’s Day. Many online retailers and sex shops offer sales and discounted products. Great opportunity to check your favourite brands and wish list products for better price.

International Men’s Day

Sunday, November 19. Global day event for all men. Despite it is usually forgotten and it belongs to those less known. Let’s not forget about men. Let them enjoy this day, and let them dominate for another extra day. Let them choose the activity, position or sex toys.


Thursday, November 23. Mainly celebrated in the US as one of the biggest events of the year. Let’s be thankful for your partners, lovers and beloved ones. Time for appreciations. Celebrate with quality sex, quality orgasm and quality sex toys.

Black Friday

Friday, November 24. Very popular modern shopping event even on online adult shops. This is a perfect opportunity to buy Christmas presents in advance. Despite it used to be a one day event, most of the retailers have offers and sales all week. Take the opportunity and extend your sex toys collection or find a perfect cheaper gift for your partner.

Cyber Monday

Monday, November 27. This is ideal shopping event with some significant offers and sales mainly on techy gadgets and smart devices. Look out for some expensive couples sex toys such as vibrating remote pants, long distance vibrators and strokers. For single males some smart sexy dolls, or single women some powerful sex machines. You can make a nice saving on usually expensive products.


St.Nicholas Day

December 5-6. Also known as the Feast of Saint Nicholas is one day event mostly known and popular in Western Christian countries and celebrated in many European Countries. Usually children leave letters for St.Nicholas and find small presents under their pillow, hanging sock or boot set out for him. However, this is a perfect day to give a small surprising present for your partner to release your inner child. To spice up your lives, we recommend to give out some cheeky not expensive gifts, such as edible underwear, lubricants, massage oils and other essentials.

Christmas Shopping

All December is usually over hyped with crowds of people trying to get the best presents for their partners spending usually over the budget. In North-American countries Super Saturday or Panic Saturday is usually the peak of the shopping spree as last Saturday before Christmas. To be honest, retailers usually inflate prices during this season and taking an advantage of the hype. We recommend to watch out for the price tags carefully or simply purchase all presents months before the Christmas. Also online retailers usually close Christmas shopping at least a week in advance in order to deliver all orders on time. For international orders always check shipping and delivery times in advance to avoid disappointment. If you shop like us months before the Christmas, saved energy on shopping can be used to enjoy yourselves more than usual.

Christmas / Winter Sale

Christmas Sale usually starts the week from 26th December and last until the end of the year. This is a perfect time to find the best sales, deals and bargains in the year and prices on some retailers can drop up to 60% of the original price. Perfect opportunity to look out for the products with higher price tag from your wish-list to maximise the saving. Also this is a great opportunity to look for St.Valentine’s presents, Birthday present or major life event presents.


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