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Where to look for sexy lingerie? Well, the sexiest underwear stores and brands can be found here at Sex Toys Codes. We’ve hand selected premium and luxury sexy lingerie from our favourite designer brands and online adult stores. Explore your favourite style and sexiest underwear looks.

Here is our list of recommended underwear & erotic lingerie online stores & brands, which we will be reviewing regularly for new companies we will discover.

List of Lingerie & Hosiery Adult Shops

Top erotic lingerie & underwear brands & stores.

Bluebella Australia Premium Luxury Lingerie Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Bluebella US Deals & Discounts
Bluebella AU Deals & Discounts

Bluebella, the creation of Emily Bendell, was established with the straightforward yet profound goal of providing opulent nightwear, undergarments, and premium luxury lingerie to independent, stylish women. With each new collection, brand redefines sensuality while championing innovation, inclusivity, and extraordinary style. Bluebella award winning premium lingerie should be owned by every strong independent woman.

Hanky Panky Underwear Discount Codes Deals & Offers Finder

Hanky Panky Deals & Discounts

Hanky Panky, Made in the U.S.A. Since 1977. The company known for inventing thongs in 1986 and for making brightly coloured styles and recently implemented an employee ownership company structure. What makes Hanky Panky unique is the company’s products have all been made in the United States – primarily in the New York area. In 2022 they have opened their first flagship permanent store in Manhattan near Soho neighbourhood or simply you can explore their product range and flagship online store from comfort of your home.

Agent Provocateur Premium Luxury Lingerie Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Agent Provocateur Deals & Discounts

Agent Provocateur is a British lingerie retailer founded in 1994 operating now in 13 countries. Agent Provocateur is a premium luxury brand known for their provocative branding and marketing, often banned from streaming. The original sexually empowered and punk heritage brand, Agent Provocateur holds fearless femininity at the forefront. Strong brand for strong women. Agent Provocateur boasts a global presence through luxurious, sensual lingerie designed in-house with exclusive fabrics, intricate embellishments and signature motifs.

UPKO Premium Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers

UPKO USA Deals & Discounts

The new high-end erotic luxury trend is called UPKO. A must-have for luxury Bondage and BDSM accessories, lingerie, and the sexiest gift sets since 2019, UPKO is known for the quality of its products and the numerous patents registered.

One of Italy’s largest suppliers of leather, also used by GIVENCHY and other prestigious brands, provides leather to UPKO. The metal components are comparable to the luggage and bags of high-end manufacturers. All components have 24 karat gold galvanising and are customised.

The UPKO creations come packaged in elegant gift boxes and are ready to give.

Hunkemoller Premium & Luxury Underwear Lingerie & Hosiery Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Hunkmoller Deals & Discounts

Hunkemöller, originally from The Netherlands, is the biggest high street lingerie brand in Europe. With more than 5000 employees and over 900 stores in 19 countries, Hunkemöller expands rapidly worldwide. Their online flagship store contains 1000s of underwear style in the highest quality. If you are looking for a premium lingerie, swimwear, loungewear or nightwear Hunkemöller is your place to check! They have everything from daily basic and elegant sets to feminine and sexy bras, knickers and erotic lingerie. Hunkemöller also has a broad collection of swimwear, bikini’s, nightwear , hosiery and a sport collection.

Colette & Sebastian Premium Luxury Lingerie Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Colette & Sebastian Deals & Discounts

Colette & Sebastian, New York fashion premier & luxury intimate apparel. Colette’s unique statement of style tears up the established rulebook in the pursuit of the sublime. Colette & Sebastian was created to share passion and uniquely inspired creations with the world. Each collection speaks to a woman’s innate desires; to be bold, alluring, beautiful, inspiring, and powerful: the ultimate muse. Colette has specifically chosen to work with smaller, women-owned factories in lesser known cities in Europe and South America to empower and support their businesses. Discover the world of luxury erotic lingerie.

Bijoux Indiscrets Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Bijoux Indiscrets Deals & Discounts

If you’re curious about what Bijoux Indiscrets is, we can tell you that it’s an erotic company dedicated to the sexual health of women that was founded by Marta Aguiar and Elsa Viegas. The members of Bijoux Indiscrets are women who are willing to push the limits of female sexuality much further than they have ever been pushed. Because it’s fun to elevate sexual experience.

Bijoux Indiscrets creates a new vision of female sexuality and pleasure, and everything they produce is about enjoying more, in a guilt and shame-free way, breaking taboos.

Apart of a large range of sex toys & essentials, Bijoux offers luxury sexy lingerie accessories & underwear.

The Bad Peach Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers

The Bad Peach Deals & Discounts

The Bad Peach is a rising brand that offers its customers high-quality, sexy clothing and adult products. The brand aims to serve both women and men who seek a romantic and enchanted experience through products that amplify seduction.

The Bad Peach is home to a team of creative individuals who possess wonderful talents and passions and are committed to making the brand better for its customers.

The brand prioritizes the fulfillment of women’s sensuality and the satisfaction of both women and men’s romantic and sexual experiences.

These priorities form the basis for the creation of The Bad Peach and dictate the standards by which the brand operates and serves its customers. Customer happiness is the key to the brand’s satisfaction with its services.

Yandy Premium Luxury Lingerie Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Yandy Deals & Discounts

Yandy is fantasy. Yandy is sexy. Yandy is for every body.

Feeling sexy is something you do for you. From costumes to lingerie, Yandy have something for every facet of your personal expression. Classic, sweet, or ultra sexy, the options are endless. Yandy is a very popular US online erotic lingerie and sexy underwear retailer offering high quality and premium line of underwear, clothing, kinky shoes and adult accessories. Yandy also collaborate with brands such as Playboy, Lovers, Honey Birdette or Lana Rhoades.

Yandy. Where you can Be you. And you. And you.

SKINTWO Honour Fetish & Kinky Underwear Premium Luxury Lingerie Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Skin Two Deals & Discounts

Skin Two, formerly known as Honour, has been a prominent figure in the London fetish community since 1984. The brand started as a magazine and club before evolving into a fetish boutique. In 1988, Honour opened its first store in Waterloo, London and initially sold mostly lingerie. However, the brand soon realized the fetishistic preferences of its customers and expanded its offerings to include more fetish-based clothing, toys, and accessories.

In 2002, Honour partnered with Skin Two Clothing and by 2012, the two brands fully merged. Renowned for its innovative and cutting-edge fetish fashion, Skin Two was relaunched in 2005 solidifying its place as a leader in the fetish fashion industry in the UK.

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