LGBTQ Owned Sex Toy Shops

Gay & Queer Owned Sex Toy Shops

They are here, they are gay & queer, and they support LGBTQ community through their well established global companies and brands. 

Despite the most of the sex toy stores and adult brands are LGBTQ friendly and many support the community directly, we would like to introduce and recommend hand picked adult companies and sex toy brands which are owned by gay, queer or women and they support their communities like no other.

With your help, let’s all agree to refrain from purchasing sex toys from Amazon or Ebay. Although it’s cheap and alluring, we can do way better! There are plenty of small, independent, feminist and queer-owned sex stores, as well as international LGBTQ-owned brands that provide high-quality sex toys at all price levels and ship worldwide. Let’s support them.

Here is our list of recommended and amazing LGBTQ and feminist owned sex shops, which we will be reviewed regularly for new companies we will discover.

List of LGBTQ & Feminist Owned Sex Toy Shops

Introduction to LGBTQ Owned & Supporting Sex Toy Shops

SheVibe Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers

SheVibe Deals & Discounts

Come for the toys, stay for the art, says SheVibe, and the art is the first indication that you’re somewhere you want to be! Without ever expecting praise, the front page and the rest of their website’s brightly colored superhero-inspired art are funny and incredibly diverse. Along with sex toys, they also offer sexual wellbeing guides on a wide range of subjects, many of which are written by queer and LGBTQ authors, and they honor sex educators of all stripes…

Honey Play Box Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Honey Play Box Deals & Discounts

The owners of the shop are a group of sex educators and self-described lesbian meme queens who are passionate about all things gratifying and working to keep it welcoming, inclusive, and accessible for everyone.

Bijoux Indiscrets Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Bijoux Indiscrets Deals & Discounts

2008 saw the establishment of Bijoux Indiscrets in Barcelona by Elsa Viegas and Marta Aguiar, a business partner. Their product range puts a premium on female enjoyment because it was created and is operated by women, especially when it comes to the clitoris.

In her interview with GO Magazine, Elsa said, “Our main concern is developing products that will empower women through pleasure, that will give them tools to explore and discover what makes them feel good in a journey of self-knowledge. Our sex toys are developed having that in mind. We do not exclude anyone but it is true that we dedicate our products to that 80% of women who claim that they need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasms.”

VOCLA Logo Luxury Men Underwear Discount Codes Deals & Offers

VOCLA Deals & Discounts

Due to men’s underwear is still mostly kept hidden in a store’s back, guys from VOCLA decided to open men only and gay friendly luxury and premium underwear online store in 2012. Bringing some exclusive Gay friendly brands such as Alexander COBB, Addicted, Andrew Christian, Molly & Tommy and many many others. VOCLA has become an adult men and gay oriented online store that imports top international underwear brands.

Adam's Toy Box Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Adam’s Toy Box Deals & Discounts

Adam’s Toy Box team was tired of seeing poorly made products that gay men were forced to purchase. They took it upon themselves to carefully select products in order to provide customers with high-quality sex toys. Your satisfaction with your chosen sex toy is extremely important to them, and as such, they make the commitment to never sell anything that is not of the highest caliber and overall satisfaction. This indicates that each sex toy has undergone thorough quality control inspection by a member of the team. Therefore, you can be sure that they won’t sell you a product if it doesn’t live up to their high expectations.

At last, when you buy a gay sex toy, think of the cause and know that you are supporting and promoting gay business as well as LGBTQ community around the world!

Esmale Gay Shop Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Esmale Gay Shop Deals & Discounts

At esmale they are all about gay sex toys that are essentially for men! Esmale offers the best and high quality men sex toys directly to you, discreetly packaged and delivered worldwide.

Esmale is a gay community where they share information about male sex toys and everything that is related to men sex toys and enjoying fun in the bedroom with yourself or your lover or partner. Esmale has many years of experience in the sex toys industry offering the best sex toys at great prices while supporting gay community!

Spectrum Boutique Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers

Spectrum Boutique Deals & Discounts

The name speaks for itself. Spectrum Boutique is a cheerful, festive store that sells toys for all genders and places a strong focus on inclusive sex education. Additionally, they offer a dedicated page devoted to queer creators, so you can be sure to support LGBTQ+ artists directly.

Shop Enby Premium Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers & Sales

Shop Enby Deals & Discounts

Shop Enby is a Black/Trans owned company and believe that all bodies deserve affirmation and pleasure. Company strives to create a safer, and more comfortable sex-toy shopping experience for the Queer community and more specifically gender non-conforming, trans and non-binary people. 2% of all profits are donated to a list of small underfunded charities focused on improving the lives of Queer/Trans People of Color*.

Fetch Shop Gay Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers & Sales

Shop Fetch Deals & Discounts

Fetch is a London based award winning and premium gay store offering absolutely amazing range of fetish gear, gay underwear and gay sex toys with express UK and worldwide delivery. They have been supporting gay community since 2017 with lifestyle shopping experience.

CloneZone Sex Toys Discount Codes Deals & Offers & Sales

Clone Zone Deals & Discounts

CloneZone has been on the online market for over 35 years as the first gay online superstore in the UK & EU. Clone Zone started during Gay scene back in 1982 – where they began with a wheelbarrow of t-shirts, toys, lube and other naughty treats being pushed about the nightlife of London’s Earls Court.

Due to lack of quality products available to the Gay community, Clonzone decided to open their own superstore of hand selected and quality checked gay sex toys and accessories. Now, Clonezone is bigger than ever probably one of the largest online gay superstores throughout UK & EU.

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