It was a day to celebrate women and their tremendous sexual energies before the patriarchy intervened.

The myth that Friday the 13th is intrinsically wicked and unlucky ranks right up there with black cats. But the day’s intense superstition and generally negative sentiments are completely at odds with its original intent, which was to honor women and their sexual energies. (Friday is really the day of the goddess of love and sensuality; more on that later; 13 is the number of menstrual cycles a woman has.)

In reality, the patriarchy, of which we are all victims, is the source of this sexist myth surrounding Friday the 13th.

Friday is a day to honor women in mythology and astrology.

While it’s true that everyone enjoys Fridays because they herald the weekend, in mythology and astrology, Friday is really the day of the week on which Venus, the goddess of love, passion, and fertility is honored. Friday is referred to in Latin as “dies Veneris,” which means “Day of Venus.” In ancient societies, Fridays were a day to celebrate and respect women. The Germanic word for Friday was “Fredae,” which is the Roman name for Venus. Given that having sex on the Sabbath is seen as a mitzvah (good deed) in the orthodox Jewish faith, Friday is regarded as a fantastic day for couples to engage in sexual activity.

Where Did All This Fear and Hatred on Friday the 13th Come From?

But the association between the number 13 and gender is the major source of its widespread dread. The divine feminine is represented by the 13 lunar phases that occur throughout the year. It is also the typical number of menstrual cycles a woman has each year. The patriarchy has utilised the sexism of menstruation hatred against women for ages. The patriarchy has misled us all into believing that getting your period is terrible because it acknowledges a woman’s ability to make life, rather than savoring this powerful moment. However, it is also employed to stigmatise women and portray them as infertile.

However, menstruation is said to be a particularly energetically potent period in magic since menstrual blood contains healing and protecting effects for spells. Menstrual magic is still used by witches today for rituals, charms, and aphrodisiacs. And as we all know, the patriarchy doesn’t like it when women form covens or speak up. It is thus not surprising that they have been robbing women of their fundamental ability for many years.

How to Honor Your Female Power on Friday the 13th

This Friday the 13th, everyone should embrace their sexuality and enjoy all aspects of themselves without fear. With your partner or pleasure yourself. Whether they want to indulge themselves or engage in romantic activity. Sex magic, a method for manifestation through orgasm, is a wonderful way to utilise the energy of the day. While experiencing or pleasuring yourself, consider your objective. You may make your thoughts and goals come true by keeping your goal in mind as you reach the climax.

It’s also a good idea to express your imaginative and delicate feelings on this Friday the 13. Take a rejuvenating bath to honor the Moon, who controls the ocean’s tides. Plant a flower as an act of gratitude to Mother Earth while basking in the sunlight. Dressing up and taking pictures of yourself is an easier way to celebrate. Just for you and you alone, not for instagram or tiktok. This type of glamour magic will help you recognise and appreciate your own attractiveness.

Additionally, while you’re at it, touch a black cat since, in accordance with urban legend and superstition, they are also said to bring good fortune.