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Masturbation Month, celebrating self-exploration and its benefits

Celebrating self-exploration and its benefits

Published on 17/05/23 by Ava Gina

May is known as Masturbation Month, a time to shed light on an often-taboo topic and encourage open discussions about self-pleasure. While masturbation is a personal choice and varies among individuals, it’s crucial to recognize the positive impact it can have on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of…

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Sex Toys Codes Blog Friday 13 Isnt Unlucky At All

Friday the 13th Isn’t Unlucky At All

Published on 13/01/23 by Ava Gina

It was a day to celebrate women and their tremendous sexual energies before the patriarchy intervened. The myth that Friday the 13th is intrinsically wicked and unlucky ranks right up there with black cats. But the day’s intense superstition and generally negative sentiments are completely at odds with its original intent, which was to honor…

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